Surfing Twitter

I signed up for Twitter at the same time as starting this blog, but I still need to “get into doing it”.  Today I made an effort to increase the number I follow and although it is easy to find organisation, it is harder to find individuals.

Twitter @OCDexposed
Twitter @OCDexposed

I typed ‘OCD’ into the search facility, but too often find I’m reading Tweets that skirt the main daily issues we go through.  Below are some examples:

I found one Tweet about a person doing a charity run, with the distances involved, in aid of raising awareness of OCD (great work, but running distances without a toilet is unimaginable to me).

Another Tweet was trivialising the subject by worrying about the perfection of her decorated fingernails (going to a nail parlour and having someone else messing with my hands is out-of-bounds in case the instruments/nail polish was used on another person).

However, I did find one Tweet that was on my wave-length and made me smile to know someone else thinks in the same way as me, it said “When I say please remove your shoes, I don’t mean your socks as well”.

I would really appreciate being sent a Tweet that really gets down to the daily nitty-gritty woes of having OCD.  Please send yours to Twitter @OCDexposed and I’ll follow you – you could then encourage me to get into the habit!